Two New Symptoms That Could Point to Pancreatic Cancer


Cover picture for the articleWEDNESDAY, Nov. 10, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers have identified two previously unrecognized symptoms of pancreatic cancer -- a discovery that might help with earlier detection and improve extremely low survival numbers, they say. "When pancreatic cancer is diagnosed earlier, patients have a higher chance of survival. It is...

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Brian Maureen Brousseau

The first sign my wife had was an elevated glucose level. Three weeks later she turned Jaundice. Cat Scan showed the tumor. Three Florida doctors and hospitals told her she was Terminal. We went to MD Anderson and they performed a Whipple, 6 months chemo, she is now 4 years free of cancer

Kimberly Touchton Winslow

There is no GI doctor that is concerned of my symptoms and I even have elevated amylase and lipase, also ALT liver enzyme. They will tell me that I am depressed and need to see psychiatrist. I am so sick of being discredited by doctors. I am tire, sleeping for days. I am anemic but have no menses, and I feel like I am literally dying. My stomach hurts so bad after eating and I want it just to be OVER.


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