My Turn: Racism is killing me every day


Cover picture for the articleAs a Black woman, I am twice as likely as a white person to die of COVID-19. I also have high blood pressure and asthma, two conditions that occur at higher rates in Black Americans. Those medical conditions contribute to my odds of having a fatal outcome if I contract...

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there are plenty of whites that are in the same boat. Don't believe what the media tells you. Not all whites are on easy street. Hopefully more clinics will become available

K Knight

This must be satire. No one can be this pathetic. Those with the $ get the best of everything. And all the rest of us regardless of race get what's left.


The vaccination for Covid is free to all. If you feel that your medical treatment is subpar, see another doctor. I have high blood pressure. I'm not complaining about it. If I eat correctly and go on a diet and lose some weight, I might correct the problem. Eat correctly and your life expectancy will increase. My brother in law went missing. The police didn't take it seriously and they found him dead in a motel a few days later. It has nothing to do about the color of the skin. Many white people are harassed by blacks, it's just not newsworthy. When my wife had our children, I took care of her when the nurse was unable to. The nurse can't be in the room 24 hours a day. The racist is you!


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