Americans Can Get Up to $1,800 New Stimulus Check in December; How To Be Eligible for the Payment?

Cover picture for the articleFamilies have one last chance to profit from one of the most unusual initiatives made by the federal government in reaction to the financial effect of the coronavirus pandemic if they haven't already. Time is running out for everyone who hasn't yet begun receiving the monthly Child Tax Credit...

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Sandra Moulton

This should have been given to everyone not just people with kids the whole world is hurting from this virus with kids and without kids.

Jeanine Pickett

i have 1 question!!! why aren't people who are on Social Security Disability and SSI not being considered for relief with the stimulus package??? i spent the bulk of what little i had saved to pay for all the extra expenses that occured as a result of this damned virus.. I really don't think the dumbass running this country is doing what is best for all parties across the board!!!

otis highsmith

we all should get who's on social security and social security income a stimulus package everybody need to keep pushing the Congress Democrats and social security administration keep on asking keep on praying did we get that are we all need


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