McDonald's Employees Wish You'd Stop Doing This In The Drive-Thru

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There's something about McDonald's that many of us just can't resist. There are the crispy fries, delicious sandwiches and burgers, and dreamy ice cream concoctions (although we probably should be staying away from those, considering we've been warned time and again about how often those ice cream machines break), to name...

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Mikel Darby

quit whining and do your damn job ! it's not your money and you get paid to do this job so do it or kids are sooo lazy these days...bury your cell phone and pull your head out of seclusion and meet people like your supossed to do ! ya have so much trouble just trying to meet new people because you dont have true social skills cant be the superstar you think you are in teal life but give a teen a cell and there the most important person on earth in there minds...its no wonder you all have bipolar and depression...yourmore like a sad and worse yet you'll never know how good life is without a cell .


When I worked at McD's (25+ years as crew and management) I never had a problem with people who pay it's a beautiful gesture, one that should happen more often, and if an employee can't deal with it they need more training or to find "easier" job.... KEEP PAYING IT FORWARD!! ❤

Sherri Garrett

This isn't rocket science. How hard is it to take a payment for the car behind you? It gives the employees a headache? Give me a break. I pay it forward any chance I get.


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