‘Wicked Tuna’ Producers Thought Captain Bob Cook Told a ‘Fish Tale’ During Interview for the Show

Competition for appearing on Wicked Tuna is as fierce as it gets, with the show almost functioning as a badge of pride among anglers. Captain Bob Cook recounted his interview for the show recently, noting a producer thought he told a “fish tale” during it.

The Salem News talked to Cook last year about his fishing career and life in general. When Cook recollected interviewing a producer on his boat, he thought Cook was telling him a “fish tale.” What made him say that? Cook disclosed how many tuna he sold annually over the past 5 years. The producer had trouble believing it and thought he was inflating his numbers to get on the show.

The comment prompted Cook to immediately call his buyer on the spot and put him on speakerphone. The buyer then confirmed Cook’s boat was, in fact, one of the most productive in the entire area. This power move impressed the producer even more than Cook’s numbers, with him telling Cook “Dude, that was awesome.”

Cook’s journey to get on the show was a long one. Wicked Tuna has aired for nearly a decade, with it debuting in 2012. Cook told The Salem News he tried for seven years to get a spot. The interview on his boat wasn’t the first one, either. He’d actually interviewed two times prior to that but was turned away in each instance.

Now a show staple, Bob Cook fits right in, with show veteran Dave Marciano praising him. “Bob is an accomplished tuna fisherman and he brings that along with a great bit of competition,” Marciano said. “I think it’s going to translate into a whole lot of excitement for the show.”

Why Dave Marciano Named his Boat ‘Hard Merchandise’

When boat captains name their ships, they typically have personal meanings attached. Dave Marciano’s is no different, with it actually serving two purposes.

Speaking to Points East, Marciano covered a multitude of topics. One of those topics was his boat’s interesting name, “Hard Merchandise.” It turns out there are two reasons for the boat’s moniker. The first is fishing-related and rather straightforward. “The fish I always sell at the auctions are hard, firm, and fresh,” he shared. “That’s what the buyers are looking for, the hard merchandise, and we have it – the good stuff that fetches the highest prices.”

As for the second, you’ll have to delve into Star Wars territory for that. “The second reason is kind of a hidden or personal meaning – my daughter Angelica and I are into sci-fi and Star Wars books and movies: Hard Merchandise is something Star Wars nerds and book fans who have read the series will understand.”

I’m not usually one who enjoys spoiling surprises, but Hard Merchandise is the third novel in the Bounty Hunter Wars series of Star Wars books.

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