‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Bob Cook Explains How ‘Conflict Is Real’ on Show

After seven years of trying to earn a spot, Captain Bob Cook of the Fat Tuna, based out of Beverly, Mass., finally found a place among the all-star fishermen on Wicked Tuna. His journey onto the show was steeped in conflict, as multiple interviews came up empty over the years. And once he made it, he was welcomed by even more conflict.

Good thing the career fisherman is competitive by nature. The 47-year old would be making his living fishing the waters off the coast of Massachusetts whether or not Wicked Tuna came calling. Since they did, he has embraced the opportunity.

In 2020, Captain Bob Cook sat down for an interview with The Salem News. He discussed everything from his journey to Wicked Tuna to the competition he found when he arrived.

“The conflict is real. It always is when you get a bunch of idiots out there who are very competitive. I thought (all the cameras) would change our game a little bit, but we were so focused on the task at hand,” said Cook.

“Idiots” are his words, not ours. Still, we can’t help but envy the bunch of “idiots” who get to go out and compete for some of the biggest fish in the world on a daily basis. And they get to do it on network television, no less.

And when the Wicked Tuna star said the “conflict is real,” it wasn’t just a figure of speech. The stuff you see on the Discovery series is real, alright. Cook and the other captains “hard charge” the waters off Gloucester for the largest quantity and the highest quality of bluefin tuna possible for four weeks straight. The only unnatural thing about it is the cameras mounted on the boats.

For Bob Cook, Appearing on ‘Wicked Tuna’ Brought Back Some of the Fun in Tuna Fishing

Much of fishing is waiting. Of course, you always have to be ready. At any moment, a 600-pound tuna could hit and take off at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. But long hours on the water with little to no action can make for a boring endeavor.

Wicked Tuna competitor Bob Cook was thankful for the opportunity on the show because it was great marketing for his charter business and because it took whatever boredom he had experienced and threw it out the window.

“This brought the competitive part of what we do, and the excitement, back into it. We were fishing against the best guys in the world. If asked, we would not even hesitate to do it again,” Cook told the outlet.

Whether or not Bob Cook gets invited back to Wicked Tuna remains to be seen. But rest assured, he’s ready for the call.

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