Prince Harry Bad News: Duke of Sussex To Lose Another Royal Title Once THIS Royal Fills In His Senior Role

Cover picture for the articleOne final royal title might be taken away from Prince Harry. According to the Daily Star, Lady Louise Windsor is one of the frontrunners to succeed the Duke of Sussex after her older cousin the Duke of Sussex stepped down as a senior member of the royal family last...

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Susie Q

They both wanted out of Royal duties and are no longer considered WORKING ROYALS, so therefore they need to have the Royal titles removed as well, all they're doing is using these titles to try to influence their make money for themselves so they can still try to live like they're SOMEONE IMPORTANT 😂😂😂

bob smith

Oh well Superman gave up his powers so he could be with Lois Lane. I guess Harry will have to deal with losing another title to enjoy his life with his lady love. 🤣😂😅

Bonnie Adkins

He only cares about the ROYAL MONEY..... always begging for money. You two need to stand on a corner with your cup in hand and a sign that says, need money. Do what all beggers do....


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