Gutsy Girl, 5, Insists Her Aches, Fatigue, And Struggle To Walk Are Not ‘Growing Pains,’ Gets Stage IV Neuroblastoma Diagnosis Days Before Christmas

Cover picture for the articleA brave little girl is battling a very big disease that almost went undetected after doctors initially misdiagnosed her symptoms. Charlotte “Charlie” West, 5, experienced months of exhaustion and pain that doctors insisted were just “growing pains” before learning she had stage IV neuroblastoma, a cancer that develops from immature nerve...

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I wonder if the diagnosis would have been better if the doc would have checked her correctly the 1st time instead of dismissing it as growing pains.

Call me Miss Sassy pants

Our doctors are so dismissive these days. This makes me sick. I work right in the middle of it all and my goal is to always help patients be their own advocate. Demand the tests. Demand the scans. Demand the second opinion. You pay for your insurance which pays them. You are not there for them. They are there for you!!! Speak up and if you don’t like what they say from the get go ask why they won’t test. Ask why they won’t look further into your aches and pains especially your babies!! They sure will be the first one to demand you inject and unknown vaccine but turn a blind eye to actually having to use their critical thinking skills. If it isn’t covid symptoms then move along. I’m so sorry this baby has to endure this pain. I’m sorry this family was let down by their medical doctors. My heart aches foe you and my prayers go to your baby girl.

tina radford

omg I wish I had money, thats horrible poor baby and one of the biggest little fighters I've heard off..I pray to God this baby's done with it bless her


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