Paul McCartney disagrees that The Beatles are the greatest band of all time

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Cover picture for the articleSo, The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, right? Not if you ask Paul McCartney. Sir Paul himself feels that The Everly Brothers deserve the honor. British newspaper the Daily Mail reports that, according to a passage in his new book The...

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Rob Mastroianni

True story: 5 years ago I was working in the detention room at a middle school. A 12-year-old girl was in for most of the day. She got to leave at 1 o'clock for a dentist appointment. O asked what she did to get detention all day. She said she talk back to the teacher. I was thinking that there had to be more to it, but didn't press it. Somehow she gets on the subject of music. She went on and on about Justin Bieber. She said he will make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I smirked but didn't say anything. She said how talented he is. I again grinned and didn't say anything. When she said that he is going to be the all-time greatest entertainer in music history, I couldn't help to stop at only laughing. I had to say something. "Have you ever heard of The Beatles" I asked her. "Oh he's bigger than The Beatles," she said with a surprisingly straight face. "Now I know why you got detention all day," I said.


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