If You Got This Vaccine, You're Barred From Entering the U.S., Starting Today

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Millions of people are now being allowed to enter the U.S. for the first time in nearly 18 months. In mid-October, the White House announced that it would soon be opening up the country's borders to fully vaccinated travelers, after having prohibited most non-U.S. citizens from 33 countries during the thick...

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Amy Smith

No medical or religious exemption needed for those flying, just simply take the "cruise" at the Southern Border and you can get in unvaccinated, undocumented, get money for your troubles, and not have to check a bag. This administration needs to go! 3 more years of this will be the downfall of the United States! Impeach them all!

marilee neece

help people go to Mexico you can cross the border there you don't even need to be vaccinated not to mention Biden will give you free room and board fly you anywhere in the country and you will get perks that not even US citizens themselves get

Kristi Richter

Amazing isn't it. We ban vaccinated American and let thousands of unvaccinated ILLEGALS into the country and they don't have to get the Vax.


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