Why Patrick Mahomes' Career Has Suddenly Hit a Snag

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FOX Sports Radio

Colin Cowherd: “Patrick Mahomes is a little lost, it’s not real good. Let’s set the parameters up for this: A. he’s still a kid, he’s 26, B. this stuff is hard. Matt Stafford last night, Josh Allen yesterday, Tom Brady last week, Peyton Manning year 4 in Indy…this stuff is hard. Patrick Mahomes now has to live up to the big contract, $450 million. Something else that has to be mentioned; Patrick Mahomes has a new baby, his family could do him a favor and chill out a little bit on social media, and now there is a lot of noise around Patrick Mahomes. The contract, the family, the new baby…like literal noise at 2 in the morning, this is not easy. Here’s the thing – he’s an artist, he’s old school, there is no ‘book’ he plays by. When Tom Brady struggles he’s more of a baker, there's more of a ‘recipe.’ You don’t ad-lib when you bake. When you ad-lib when you bake you get a runny cookie. When Brady struggles he goes back to his book – mechanics, pre-snap, efficiency, release – but when you’re a chef and you’re doing it by feel, what do you go back to? You can get lost on this stuff. He can regain it, and may have regained it last night on that ad-libbed play at the end of the game where he rolled out and made the big throw, but when Brady gets lost he’s got a book he goes back to, he’s not ad-libbing a ton, he’s just the world’s best pre-snap, most efficient, accurate quarterback ever. That’s not really Mahomes’ game. He’s going to be rough to coach, there is no ‘book’ to go by. He’s an artist, he spills paint, he’s a gun-slinger. This stuff ain’t easy. It’s hard, he’s young, things aren’t gelling, his opponents often use plays that he did, so he’s LOST and you can see it. You got Travis Kelce dropping passes, and defenses aren’t giving up cheap stuff. This is not Tony Gywnn here hitting singles, Mahomes is a home run hitter. He swings big and when you take away the BIG from a guy who likes the big he gets frustrated and he gets impatient. Even Brady had ten years in the middle of his career when they didn’t feel like a Super Bowl-winning team. You watch this league long enough and they ALL struggle.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is having the worst year of his NFL career, as the former MVP who some even proclaimed as the ‘GOAT’ and the ‘Michal Jordan’ of football just a couple of years into his career, now looks awfully human for a comatose Chiefs offense.

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no body who plays a ball game is ever worth $500 million dollars!the professionals like Dr's, nurses, firefighters, military.. they save your lives!wtf does Patrick Mahomes give you??Absolutely nothing but drama

Mellisa Thune-Hemminger

Maybe his mother,girlfriend and the tv commercials should stop. He is a father and does have to help out with the baby or with him having a contract for 450,00 why doesn’t he just hire a nanny so he can get sleep and not have a care in the world. Not that would help because there will always be an excuse for how he is playing. The golden boy is starting to get rusty.

Snafu Maru

It happens year after year a young player comes into the league everyone is excited his first year or two lights out then reality sets in he starts to struggle and appears out of balance some quarterbacks pull out of it eventually but it will be extremely hard for Mahomes to settle back down his insane family specifically his psychotic girlfriend keep him in mental confusion he is an extremely talented player but he should first try getting married and quit playing house the children out of wedlock plays deep in his mind he actually needs to separate himself from that crazy nutcases girlfriend it looks like he may have a rough couple of years to come but TOM BRADY he will never be more like Cam Newton


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