Broadway star loses another role over her refusal get Covid-19 vaccines

Marin Independent Journal

Cover picture for the articleBroadway star and Minnesota native Laura Osnes has lost yet another gig, apparently due to her refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccination. Osnes, 35, has been replaced by West End actor Frances Mayli McCann in London’s upcoming “Bonnie and Clyde In Concert,” according to a report in Deadline. The two-night-only, nearly...

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Mary Sullivan Reed

OSHA had to stop vaccine mandates, per a court order, because the vaccines don’t work against spreading the disease!!! They only affect the person who is vaccinated-maybe! There is no justification for mandates if people can still get the disease and pass it on! Does no one follow the science?

Carlos P.

I guess she has enough money to pay her bills. Because she will not find work in this industry.


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