Alec Baldwin’s Rust movie set suffers new tragedy as crew member faces having arm amputated after spider bite


Further tragedy has befallen Alec Baldwin’s Rust movie as a crew member faces having his arm amputated after being bitten by a venomous spider on set.

It comes weeks after cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was accidentally fatally shot after actor Baldwin, 63, unknowingly discharged a loaded gun at the ranch in New Mexico.

Director Joel Souza, 48, was standing behind Ms Hutchins at the time and needed urgent medical care after also being injured.

Now, Sky News reports that Jason Miller, a lamp operator and pipe rigger, was closing the set when he was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

According to a fundraising page that was set up for the afflicted crew member, Mr Miller suffered necrosis and sepsis in his arm following the bite.

He is currently in hospital where he has already undergone multiple surgeries, but may need to have his arm amputated if medics are unable to control the spread of infection.

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Constance Mack

OMG!!! Brown recluse spiders can be deadly!!! Years ago, one bit me on the top of my foot. It's like the infection just eats away your skin. Horrible!! One Dr. wanted to cut off part of my foot!! I went to another Dr. Had to have intravenous antibiotics for 30 days!! Saved my foot!!..... What's with ALL the tragedy on this movie set!! It looks like it's DOOMED!!!! Maybe they should walk and say goodbye to this movie!!! 🔫👩⚰😪...🕷👦🏨😱


Poor guy. First he finds out, after having his first four children, with this wife, that his "Spanish" bride was not from Spain but was born in the US, and that her accent was fake; and now this.

Mike Constantine

I don't think this movie's gonna get made, They should just go to the sequel right now........ Rust Final Destination!


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