NFL World Reacts To What Michael Strahan Said This Morning

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Many in the NFL world have criticized Aaron Rodgers for what’s transpired this week. Green Bay’s star quarterback is out of this week’s game due to a positive COVID-19 test. Rodgers, who told reporters earlier this year that he had been “immunized,” has since admitted that he is actually...

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Kathy Stephens

Jealousy is a strange thing Michael, especially when one thinks they. are a perfect person, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. look it up

Jeannie Keffer Martinak

don't care what you think or anyone else for that matter. he has the right to do what's right for him. and fear tactics can not and must not steer anyone to do something they feel is against there will. this is supposed to be a free nation. if you fear this virus then get the shot cover YOUR FACE and wash your hands alot. other wise shut up.

Paul Edward Greggs

Micheal Strahan is a dummy. he supports children transitioning. he is a sick liberal and needs to crawl in his hole.


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