NFL World Reacts To Sunday’s Ezekiel Elliott News

The Spun
The Spun
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The Dallas Cowboys had to play last weekend’s game without their starting quarterback in Dak Prescott. This week, the NFC East leaders could have to play without their starting running back in Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott limped off the field following the Cowboys’ most-recent drive against the Denver Broncos defense....

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Michael Corpus

They needed this type of game! They were believing all of the hype. Hopefully this wakes them up. This is the beauty of this game. One week you are on top of the world, next you are awaken to the reality of this sport. You have to play 60 minutes, week in and week out!

crazy K 420

they are still 6-2 and still one of the top teams in the nfc only 2 losses and the rest of the season left we will see who only plays for money boonierat Cowboys are a great team and we always have our haters like you ✌

Reynaldo Rodriguez

they always have an excuse.. they have a TEAM. without only these 2 players..they can't function? there are other DRAMA QUEENS


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