Monique Samuels Reveals if She Would Ever Return to RHOP & if She’s Watching Season 6

Cover picture for the articleCandiace Dillard and Monique Samuels’ feud was very controversial. Monique Samuels probably didn’t anticipate that her final season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” would include a physical altercation with once friend Candiace Dillard. After it all went down, some of the other women began to ice her out. Gizelle Bryant said...

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Cassandra Brown-Collier

Although Monique has no interest in returning to RHOP, Andy said he’d like for her to come back. Andy thinking only about his purse, not what is best for Monique. I think she should live her life and keep her head up high. She doesn't need RHOP.

Pretty Feet

Monique has said that the show sent her to a different hotel then the others and the show was keeping her in the dark about times to be at places. I can't remember the whole thing that she said in a video. Also of course Gizelle wanted Monique gone. Gizelle hated Monique from the start when she asked Monique about her house and Monique said that she has 4 houses. So what happened with the fight is Gizelle used it to her advantage to get rid of Monique. As for Monique I think she's liking the attention!! Think about how you'd feel leaving some place and everybody is begging you to come back!! It's a good feeling!! I believe if they get rid of Candiace, Gizelle and Robyn that Monique would come back. Gizelle's own kids has criticized her parenting and lack of her being a role model to them. Robyn tried to get her story line going with Juan but he walked out got In his car and she's out there begging him to come in. Robyn looked ridiculous in those braids. Who styles Robyn?? Is it Gizelle

can’t change Mother Nature

Candiace should be fired! Monique gave her what she pushed her for. Candiace can’t sing! Bring back Monique fire Candiace!


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