Prince Harry Will Only Return to UK If Princes Charles, William Will Beg for It But Royals Won't, Source Says

Cover picture for the articlePrince Harry may, reportedly, have been waiting for Prince Charles and Prince William to beg for his return following Queen Elizabeth's hospitalization. Since the monarch's doctors advised her to take things slow, Prince Charles and Prince William decided to step up on behalf of Her Majesty. Prince Harry could...

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Irena Szabat Karas

They're not the ones who left, you and your wife did! You, Harry, will need to "beg" to return, not the other way around. It's really a shame, as, your Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is getting more frail as time goes by, and hasn't even been able to see or spend time with you and your children, one of whom she's never met. Sad.

Libby Pacris Desembrana

Why should they beg him to return to UK he left, let him go! It’s his choice he got nutmegain, he’s now mr Harry Markle. He sold his country and tell lies let him pay him pay all his consequences! 😂💰🤮🤢

Pretty Feet

I think the Royal Family would put Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in as working Royals before they would ever beg the Markles to come back!! It's not the Royal Family that are being slammed in the press!! It's the Markles who are losing!!


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