Watch: Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart Fight during Nets vs Pistons Clash

Cover picture for the articleBlake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart fight was one of the most looked upon moments from the Nets vs Pistons most recent clash. With game being as tight and as compact as it was, Nets’ big man Blake Griffin and Pistons’ Center Isaiah Stewart were almost on the verge of throwing hands...

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Joseph Petrizzo

2 grown men fighting like little children, i know the game can sometimes get Rough but to fight is Really uncalled for you have to learn to walk away with children in the audience, some of you player's are supposed to be Role models to children but if you fight in front of children what kind of vibe are you sending to these children, GROW UP & STOP ACTING LIKE A CHILD ACT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL THAT YOU GUY'S ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀


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