Kyrie Irving gets bad news about potential return to Nets

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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The brief glimmer of hope for Kyrie Irving to return to the court for the Brooklyn Nets this season seems to be fading away. New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams appeared Friday on CNN and was asked specifically about Irving, who remains ineligible to play due to the city’s COVID-19 vaccine...

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Ken Cole

their fake law is for attending a large venue. he is not attending. he is the entertainer. plus he had a contract prior to this. so they gotta pay him regardless.

Ahdawan Aaron

He is not alone we stand with Mr.Erving I will never take that poison vaccine or your mandate or your mandate I will be buying no tickets to go see the Brooklyn Nets

Adam Mcnally

bad news when your a millionaire, yes please explain this awful situation to me again and again lol.... way to stand your ground also ice cube good to stand your ground... why doesn't news week show the young kid getting second dose and dying in the hospital moments later... this should be news... there are plenty of videos of how bad this vaccine is but you know the gas chambers were safe housing for those ppl too, the government said... you are not worth a dam to the higher ups, Trump said it best there not after me there after you, I'm just in there way...


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