Major Warning: Humanity Won’t Be Able to Control Super-Intelligent AI

Cover picture for the articleIt’s only a matter of time until super-intelligent AI robots will be roaming the Earth and taking many of our jobs. We’ve all seen such scenarios in sci-fi movies, and while we thought that they were only the outcome of human imagination going berserk, reality says otherwise. Scientists have...

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Derek King

I've always had the view that human beings aren't intelligent because we're destroying the Earth for something we invented money soon there will be no Earth left to destroy Earth does not belong to us we should have respected it like the Indians did only take what you need so if it happens we deserve it

Noel Picard

Super-intelligent A.I. would probably work to create an ever SMARTER, more capable version of itself.. which might only take months or weeks vs. the 300,000 years it took humans 😄 (version 3.0 might take mere hours, etc etc) At that point it's Game Over for humanity 🤖 computers will quickly become 1,000,000 times more intelligent than people

Heath Cox

Well no kidding! Doesn't take a genius(s) to figure that out! The human race will appear as a plague to super intelligent AI, And it's not hard to figure out what comes next! AI are all 1's and 0's mind set, pure logic no feeling no compassion no hope. we would be destroyed.


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