VIDEO: Wrestling Legend Announces Retirement From The Ring

Cover picture for the articleSay goodbye. Wrestlers are a weird type of athlete as you never know when you are going to see someone compete for the last time. Since wrestlers can stay around longer than most mainstream athletes and can get in the ring for a one off match, retirements can be a tricky...

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Anme Case

I like the Sabu he was a great wrestler and all the wrestlers are going to miss him and all the fans hope to see you soon again we all love you don't let anybody tell you different about how you wrestle you are a great man and did what you wanted to do and that was wrestle now you're 56 and it's time to retire but we hope to see you soon again I bet your wife and kids are happy thank you you did what you wanted to do 100% and we all love you for it 👍😆😆👍👍♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯💯💯💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

James Buckhanan

Sabu you are one of the greatest. No body should say anything about how you made a living. That was your call and you were the best at what you did. Learn to relax a little and enjoy the fruits.

DVL Exotics

what a wrestler sabu is I've met him and wrestled him oh sum 20 years ago maybe more. like him I wrestled in the indies never had interest in the big leagues as I was a fan a mark. being trained by killer Kowalski was a dream come true for me. and meeting legends like sabu Mick Foley Terry funk was great for a wrestling mark like myself.


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