iPhone tells you if you’re being listened to or watched through apps

iPhones have a new feature that can tell you if you’re being watched or listened to with certain apps downloaded onto your phone.

The iPhone has both a front and back camera, and if apps were using them it would be an invasion of privacy, so Apple has created a way to let you know.

The feature was added to the iOS 14 update.

A green dot in the upper right corner of the phone means your camera is active, and an orange dot means your microphone was activated.
Green dot shows the camera is activated.
Orange dot shows the microphone is activated.

When you swipe to the control center while the dot is showing it will give you details on which app is doing it.

Apps can be denied access to both in Settings, or you can delete the app.

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Elle Hernaux

good, I hope my voice/opinion/conversation/thoughts is passed on to every politician and government office... let's go Brandon FJB


All smart phones, TVs, Alexa, smart anything records video and audio at least 19 times a day! That data is then sent to the company you bought it from ie Amazon, Apple, GE ect and sent to NSA!

Mz Nanaof6

I wish they would send me stimulus checks when they hear me saying “I’m broke”…


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