Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan — sentenced to jail after predicting she was 'not going to jail' — blamed the media for her punishment

Jenna Ryan. CBS 11
  • A woman was given a 60-day jail sentence over the Capitol riot after predicting no jail time.
  • On Thursday she her blamed her punishment on news coverage of her case.
  • She told her critics: "You win!!! I'm going to prison. So you don't need to contact me anymore."

A woman who was sentenced to jail over the Capitol riot after predicting otherwise blamed her punishment on the news media.

Jenna Ryan, a Texas realtor who entered the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection, said on Twitter in March that she wouldn't be jailed.

"Definitely not going to jail," she wrote. "Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I'm not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong."

—Jenna Ryan (@dotjenna) March 26, 2021

On Thursday she was sentenced to 60 days in jail, as Insider's Ashley Collman reported.

She tweeted Thursday that she was being jailed because she had a "high profile" after media coverage.

"I am not Going to prison for the things that I said, or standing in front of the broken window," she wrote. "Its for walking in Capitol for 2 mins & what the judge says is to serve a deterrence to others since I have a high profile (Which I got after the fact thanks to MSM smear campaign)."

—Jenna Ryan (@dotjenna) November 4, 2021

Ryan had become one of the best-known people charged in connection to the Capitol riot, arriving in Washington, DC, on a private plane and documenting the insurrection on social media.

In another tweet she wrote: "I'm just gonna make a blanket statement to all the people that are calling me and texting me. You win!!! I'm going to prison. So you don't need to contact me anymore. Pop champagne and then rejoice. But just leave me alone. Thank you."

—Jenna Ryan (@dotjenna) November 4, 2021

Ryan pleaded guilty in August to a federal misdemeanor charge of parading in the Capitol.

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Allen Jackson

Of! Course! Blame the media! Isn't that what MAGA does? Her being locked up has nothing to do with her actions on Jan 6 now did it? That was just fun and games to Jenna! She thought she could participate in a little rebellion against her Country and join in the desecration and destruction at the Nation's Capitol then make it home in time for candlelight dinner! All the press on her exploits then made her feel like a star! 🌟 Now that star will be shining behind those bars!


You have the right to remain silent!! Nobody told her to go blabbing on Twitter about how she wasn't going to get punished, in fact Miranda rights advise you of quite the opposite.

Lithuanian Observer

A grown woman who can’t take responsibility for her own actions and instead blames the media for her troubles. She shouldn’t be allowed to function in society. Instead, she should be placed in a mental health hospital.


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