Will Smith says his heart 'shattered' when son Jaden asked to become an emancipated minor

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Cover picture for the articleWill Smith has spoken of the heartbreak he felt when his son Jaden asked to become an emancipated minor at the age of 15. The actor, who starred alongside his son in the box office dud After Earth, revealed how he felt his son was "betrayed" by his father's actions after...

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rmal hxn

With the messed up things that he and Jada have done and have allowed in their personal lives that have affected the two kids, it's no wonder he wanted to be emancipated.

carlo durant

its this simple- the kid doesnt have his dads charisma or acting skills. thats why will smiths sons movies always bomb and will smith makes hit movies. its not rocket science

Doug Den

Hey, to each their own. What works for some, doesnt work for others. If this path that you & yours have chosen to take is what works for the two of you. Then who outside of you & yours has a right to intrude. Hope all works out for you & yours. STAY SAFE, HEALTHY & HAPPY


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