1,000 Years of Glacial Ice Reveals Unexpected Evidence of “Prosperity and Peril” in Europe

Cover picture for the articleEvidence preserved in glaciers provides continuous climate and vegetation records during major historical events. Europe’s past prosperity and failure, driven by climate changes, has been revealed using thousand-year-old pollen, spores, and charcoal particles fossilized in glacial ice. This first analysis of microfossils preserved in European glaciers unveils earlier-than-expected evidence of air...

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craig lasiter

Well they had to rework Climate science because in 2016 mummified penguins in antarctic debunked it as junk science . Eight hundred years old dead penguins proved it was as warm today as it was then with a fossil going back five thousand years that proves it was this warm every thousand years . These penguins need the pebbles exposed to breed so they need to move the bar back five thousand years.


So if the pollution was there in the 18th century like this article says and already causing problems than I’m sticking to my intuition that tells me pollution has nothing to do with it or by now this planet would have self-distracted a long time ago. I really think this is a normal planet process. Fact: humans have NOT been here billions of years. We really do not know if every so many billion years this planet goes through it’s own cycle including ice ages.

313 BORN

And there lays the scientific proof, glaciers melt, evidence is revealed that glaciers melted before, otherwise how did this evidence get under the ice?


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