Grandma, 56, Told Stomach And Back Pain Were Signs Of Menopause Delays Second Opinion And Is Diagnosed With Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

Cover picture for the articleA Delayed Second Opinion leads To Stage IV Cancer Diagnosis. In February of last year, Joanne Eales, 56, first started to experience back and stomach pain but delayed seeing her doctor as the country went into lockdown. She assumed it was the result of menopause, and her doctor agreed when she...

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William Mitchell

< stage IV Pancreatic Cancer here too! Mine symptoms started as left side stomach aches that doesn’t go away. My doctors first thought I had gall stones. That would be on the right side. My pains would increase after I would ingest food. As of now I’m 8 months into this. I’ve lost 70lbs. Chemotherapy every other week. The strongest dosage I could get. Now the chemo is burning my large intestines. I’m on a soft food diet and can’t be far from a toilet after I eat. I can’t ride my Harley any longer due to the drugs I’m on. I’ve willed all my vehicles to my son and the two houses I own to my wife. I don’t know how much longer I have. One day at a time.

Shena Slusarski

Had a neighbor in her early sixties see a doctor for increasing back pain for eighteen months was told arthritis and part of aging. Second opinion revealed stage IV pancreatic cancer. She died within a few months of diagnosis. We know our bodies better than anyone else. Please get a second opinion.

Savannah Smo

I'm speechless!!!! Such brave individuals. That's a story for you. You have no ideawhy things happen the do.I suffered a bowel blockage. Near death I was. I've never recovered from that surgery. It's been 6 years. We are surviving. Because we are strong 💪 ❤.


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