Angelina Jolie comments on Alec Baldwin shooting incident: 'There are certain procedures'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleAngelina Jolie spoke out about the recent accidental shooting involving Alec Baldwin that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The "Eternals" actress has worked with guns on many different movies, including the "Tomb Raider" franchise as well as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." She’s also directed a few movies that...

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Big Willy #1

What makes you think anything will change?Half the country wants to hang him because he made fun of Trump....And the other half wants to protect him because he made fun of Trump....Am I wrong?

Mike louden.

it's sad that it takes someone killed to change the safety protocols in Hollywood. dont forget all the stunt people who were badly injured or killed.

c sh

blame the producers who dropped the ball on this. there shouldn't be any ammunition on a set let alone 500 rounds. ask why their entire crew walked out a brand new one was hired hours before this occurred. the producers are to blame it all starts with them. also there were zero safety meetings on this set. let that sink in.


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