Meghan Markle Demanding Prince Harry Get Paternity Test As Proof Prince Charles Isn’t His Father?

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Every week, there seems to be more drama and breaking news about the royal family, and it’s shown no sign of stopping. Last year, one tabloid alleged Meghan Markle was pressuring Prince Harry to get a DNA test because she didn’t think Prince Charles was his real father. Gossip Cop is looking back at the narrative to see just how much of it was true. 

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About a year ago, Woman’s Day alleged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had been hiding a secret for years. In a 25-year-old interview with BBC, “Diana admitted she was very much in love with dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt.”

After watching that interview, Meghan Markle was convinced Prince Charles was not Prince Harry’s real father. According to an insider, Markle asked Prince Harry “to get a DNA test once and for all.”

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Markle was motivated to go through with it due to the couple’s split from the royal family. An insider said, “It could actually solve all their problems if James was Harry’s real father” because he’d no longer be a royal. The magazine went on to claim even Prince Charles wasn’t sure if Prince Harry was really his child. 

This narrative was impossible to believe when Woman’s Day was first published, and today, nothing has changed. It simply seemed like a way for the tabloid to cash in on the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s Panorama interview. 

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While Princess Diana admitted to having an affair with James Hewitt, it began in 1989, when Prince Harry would have a 5-year-old. Also, Hewitt himself has denied the rumors about being Prince Harry’s real father.

In fact, Hewitt published a tell-all book about his affair with Princess Diana, so it seems unlikely that he’d leave something as big as that out.  Essentially, it was a way (once again) for a tabloid to portray Meghan Markle as someone constantly stirring up trouble with the royal family.

Given the fact that such a dramatic reveal — and the unchanging identity of his mother — would do nothing but bring more drama and unwanted attention to the couple, the tale is outright laughable now.

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Unfortunately, the tabloids seemingly have no issue throwing Meghan Markle under the bus in every conceivable way. For example, a couple of years ago, New Idea claimed Markle filed a lawsuit that would prevent Queen Elizabeth from ever seeing Archie. Again, the narrative was false. Markle never filed a lawsuit, and the bad blood she supposedly had for the queen never really existed. 

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susan westergom

This woman is a Gluck. If Charles is not Harry’s father, Harry isn’t a prince and she will be a nobody like before. What’s the old adage…be careful what you ask for.

Matthew Guess

Harry would not be a prince if Charles isn’t his father. That means there is no HRH title or no Duke and Duchess!! Harry would be nothing and his wife would be double nothing! Good bye money!!

Little Mouse

First, Harry looks just like his mother’s side of the family. He is the mage of Diana’s brother and that is where all the red hair comes from. Diana was the only sibling not a redhead. Second, Diana was smarter than that. Lastly, Meghan would NEVER risk losing that Duchess title and royal connections. She married for status. She would NEVER risk losing that special status of being a member of the Royal family.


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