The Vitamin That Reduces COVID-19 Risk By 50%

Cover picture for the articleA sufficient level of this vitamin could halve the risk of catching coronavirus and protect COVID-19 patients from the worst of the disease. Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection and the severity of the disease, if it is caught, research finds. Professor Michael Holick, study co-author,...

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In March of 2020, my psychiatrist from the VA wanted my blood checked for VIT D levels. She said that VIT D is extremely low in MANY MANY people. She said that she didn't understand why this vitamin wasn't being preached from the hilltops by the CDC and every health agency out there for people to make sure they're on the top healthy side for levels. She was worried about me because I've been a smoker for over 30 years. My test came back at an 11, thirty is the low end! I got on VIT D3 immediately after the news. I contracted the virus from my vaxxed brother on Aug. 6th. The virus made my lungs feel like they were on fire, however, I was never hospitalized and my O2 levels remained at mostly 97%, it fluctuated between 95 and 98%. I do believe from my heart and soul that I would have died from COVID hadn't my dr (who's just the mental health side) intervened! I told friends and family like crazy to start taking it!

Frozen Tundra

So I would be intrigued to see if the people getting "breakthrough" infections had low D levels.

Kathryn Miller

All you need is 1,000 IUs a day. I was taking megadoses and my doctor said too much vitamin D can cause calcium buildup because it is not water soluble.


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