CeeDee Lamb: Vikings 'Choked the F--- Out of Me,' Claims Cowboys WR


FRISCO - It is a play that, given all the notable plays that occurred in Sunday night’s notable 20-16 Dallas Cowboys win at the Vikings, sort of traveled under the radar.

But social media being what it is, Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb complaint that he was tackled on the sideline by Vikings safety Harrison Smith and they subjected to a dirty play is now garnering the attention it just might deserve.

First, the live-action play as we all saw it …

But then, in a video originally distributed by the Cowboys, Smith - Minnesota's physical safety - while attempting to finish a tackle appears to choke Lamb.

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Coach Mike McCarthy termed the Lamb injury a "sprained ankle,'' and at this early stage it does not yet seem a serious concern.

2 hours ago

After that, Lamb can be seen on the Dallas bench talking to teammates about the dirty play.

"He choked the f— out of me,'' Lamb complained.

Smith was not flagged on the play, and the TV broadcast made no mention of it. In defense of both, the refs and the TV producer cannot see everything.

But that does not mean it didn't happen.

One angle of the dirty play does make it look like a particularly uncomfortable situation for Lamb, and the smart money says the Cowboys have sent this play into the NFL office for review.

And what will come of it? Lamb, the Cowboys' stellar wide receiver who frequently gets fined by the league for what amounts to an untucked jersey, will get some level of satisfaction as the NFL simply must fine Smith for his choke hold.

Of course, as the 6-1 Cowboys prepare for Sunday's visit by the Broncos, the ultimate reward isn't about fines or retribution.

It's about "scoreboard.''

The Vikings "choked.'' The Cowboys won.

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