Former Child Star Dies During Police Chase, Allegedly Accidentally Shot Himself


Cover picture for the articleA tragic situation occurred in Mexico state on Friday concerning a former child star. According to Mexico News Daily, Octavio Ocaña, a 22-year-old actor, died during a police chase after authorities claimed that he accidentally shot himself. Now, the actor's father is claiming that municipal police are actually responsible for Ocaña's...

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There is NOTHING funny/ humorous or even dismissive about the death of a human being. I sincerely pray that you all who lack any compassion & human decency have a personal encounter/ experience with Jesus before it's too late , or before you have a family member/ friend who is in need of compassion. Will you be so cold, callous & uncaring then too ?? Will you understand & support the lack of human decency in others towards them ???? 🤔 🙏

Stacey Shamrock

The sad part is. His son is/was grown. Trust me when I say, his father has no clue as to what his son does or doesn’t do. Would his son do it in front of him? Most likely not! When your kids move out and away, you don’t know what they do. He says his son was pretty much perfect in his eyes. Then he should ask himself “Why did my perfect son run from the police?”?

Kent Stookey

so he shoots himself and now family blames police. we hear this same story over and over. blame police for your own bad behavior and carelessness


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