Doctors Tell Mom, 47, Her Brain Fog, Aches, And Blurred Vision Are Signs Of Menopause; Private Scan Reveals Brain Tumor

Cover picture for the articleA mom of two whose concerns about blurred vision, aches, pains, and brain fog were dismissed as signs of menopause by three different doctors, discovered that she had a massive brain tumor after opting to pay for a private scan. Tammy Andrews, 47, of Dorset, England, had just started...

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The conventional medical system is BROKEN. I’m in the functional medicine practice and we DIG, like a detective, to find the CAUSE of the malfunction. It take TIME (which insurance companies will NOT pay for), and we are not trained to diagnose and find a pharmaceutical to cover up the symptoms! Most of us are pharmaceuticals as the LAST choice! Our best medical schools are Funded by pharmaceutical companies, therefore, our graduates are trained ONLY to get symptoms and prescribe drugs in a ten minute visit! We spend Hours with our patients. We run heavy metal testing, cat scans, MRIs and Pet scans….NONE ordered by us are paid for by insurance. People need to contact their congressmen and demand better care! Hippocrates was right, LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE “


Being diagnosed with a Brain Tumor is frightening enough. Three Doctors prior to the woman true diagnosis informed her of Vitamin D and Menopause. That's truly scary as well. What are the Physicians names.???

Donna Sharp

It’s so sad that doctors aren’t doctors anymore, it’s sad when I’m the one fighting out what is wrong with my dad when five doctors could not figure it out, pretty scary!


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