Beyoncé almost breaks the internet in plunging white gown – and woah

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Cover picture for the articleBeyoncé took social media by storm on Wednesday when she wore a plunging white gown in a new Instagram photo with husband Jay-Z. The singer's snap has racked up over one million likes in a matter of hours, and it's not hard to see why. The 40-year-old looked sensational in the...

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NoGuts NoGlory

I thought Jay-Z was unsightly before but that hair makes him even more unattractive ... hard as that is to believe.

Keith King

She almost "broke the internet?" Really? I'm fairly certain that isn't even near the truth.

Shirley Johnson

I don’t understand why famous people find it necessary to mention how much their engagement ring cost. Who cares! I just hate it when people flaunt how much money they have. That is one thing that just doesn’t impress me. These famous people want to always brag about what they have how much it cost but in reality you really cares? I think it’s wonderful that God has blessed them so well just stop rubbing peoples faces in it


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