3 Astros who won’t be back next season after World Series defeat


Cover picture for the articleThese three members of the Houston Astros won’t return next season after losing the 2021 World Series. The Houston Astros made it to the World Series for the third time in five years after disposing of the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox in the previous rounds of the postseason....

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I'm sorry to say this but in my opinion and not only in this sport but across the board I feel that no one should be getting paid this much amount of money just to hit a ball with a stick. I feel there's people out there that contribute more and play a more important role to society. to be honest with you half of the time these guys don't even know who you are but yet people praise them like if they were God's. can't believe there's people out there that actually keep up with these guys, they know everything about him what high school we went to, college ,who was the first girlfriend, what's the shoe size but yet when I catch people doing this I ask him what can you tell me about Jesus and they just look up and give me this look like a deer on headlights. but these same people are the ones that make their salary happen. they're the ones that buy the season tickets , jerseys, hats and etc and still it's not enough money they still want more, agreed I tell you and ignorance.


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