Dad Slits Throat Of 8-Year-Old After She Refuses To Speak About Mother's Alleged Affair

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleA man has been arrested after murdering his 8-year-old daughter, who refused to speak about her mother's alleged affair when the man questioned her about it, police said. The police arrested the suspect, identified as Radhakrishnan, 34, Sunday for fatally stabbing his daughter and slitting her throat after barging into a...

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Stan On

My god. How? To any child. Especially your own. As punishment for something someone else did, nonetheless. Horrible. Horrible in every sense of the word.these kind of people exist. every fiber of my being wishes there was some way to prevent them from committing these weak, pathetic, acts. What a monstrosity. A true travesty of parenting. A fundamentally failed human. There should be no trial. Straight to the gallows. Make an example out of him.

Samantha Porter

Sad story.. every frontline article I read that is tragic and before I open it I say to myself “this has to be in India” 😞

Jerry Moore

good ole India! the place where everything goes! That country needs to crack down on crime and murder of the innocents!


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