Whoopi Goldberg Clashes With View Guest Over America’s Progress on Race: ‘They’re Lynching People’

Cover picture for the articleWhoopi Goldberg had a spirited conversation with NBC Sports broadcaster Michele Tafoya about how much progress America has actually made in moving past racial issues. Tafoya, The View’s latest guest host, was on the panel Tuesday as the show talked about the Virginia gubernatorial race between Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe....

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Jerry Bruner

We were pretty much over the lynching by the early 1970s people were arrested, charged, & convicted & now you want to bring lynching back.? Most people born after 70 didn't grow with that mentality, why do you liberals want that anger & hate back so badly? Even Whoopie & Joyless want it back yet don't realise that's what they're supporting.

Brian Shutt

They're lynching people is vastly different than they DID lynching people. I admit it MAY still happen but there still so ignorant people in this world. Look at whats happening in many countries in Africa and in China. Plenty of racial hatred going on there. Speak about that whoopi.


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