Former abusive relationship has left Taraji P. Henson with part of her lip missing

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Cover picture for the articleAward-winning actress Taraji P. Henson opened up on her Facebook Watch series, “Peace of Mind with Taraji” with Angela Simmons about the moment she knew it was time to leave an abusive relationship from her past. Henson said in a clip that...

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that's right, don't even say your goodbyes, just up and walk away. as a child of a parent who was abusive, me and my siblings were mentally controlled all the way up to adult hood. being home schooled we didn't know much else till we had to get jobs, because our parents settled on not providing like they did our entire lives. once we got a taste of what was out in the world we realized that we didn't have to be held down. he manipulated us till we were deep in debt. he decided that he didn't want to work when he was 43 and had been sucking off his family for the longest. for some stupid reason we let him. but then the time came where we said enough was enough and quit our jobs, without a word, and moved away. he kept calling me for days and i still haven't spoken to him since. believe me when i say he did things to my sister that i could kill him for but instead he'll die lonely, and helpless with no one by his side except his stupid wife that let shit slide.

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She's fire, and she's not like the dum dum women who settle for years and years of domestic abuse.


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