Xi demands US money and delivers a dud at COP26

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleChinese President Xi Jinping delivered a dud letter to the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Failing to attend the summit, the Chinese leader was expected to extend an olive branch with new pledges to cut carbon emissions. Instead, Xi offered no new commitments beyond pre-stated pledges to peak China's...

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We should confiscate EVERYTHING China owns in this country, as partial payment, for the bio-weapon that they released in Wuhan! CANCELLED all domestic flights in China, VS, let all international flights proceed, is all the proof necessary!


It all a fraud anyways. By China the largest carbon polluter in the world will continue to open up a new coal fire plant ever few months and can increase their carbon emissions output until 2030 only shows the hyperbolic hysteria from the climate religious cult about the break neck urgency to cut back carbon emissions. The US has already cut back our emissions back to 1985 levels and hasn’t opened a new coal fire plant since the 70’s


We do not need to send them any money! They have enough money! We should close all business owned by China in this country! And kick them all out of our country!

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