Megan Thee Stallion Posts Photo of Her Gunshot Wound, Makes New Statement

Cover picture for the articleMegan Three Stallion did post a photo stating her past experience of suffering from a gunshot wound last month when she was out with rapper Tory Lanez. Recently, Megan Three removes the photo that she did the post on her Instagram handle of the alleged gunshot wound that she did suffer...

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Allen Houston-Bey

l wonder what she looks like without all that chicken batter on her face. Is Megan a transgender?

elisha black

why all the negative comments Megan is a very beautiful lady or you just jealous look y'all need to grow up and stop all the negativity the we already living in a pandemic the last days on Earth and y'all sitting at the texting all this negativity I mean like literally how old are you stop all the negativity you wouldn't like it if someone picked at you and said things it is nothing wrong with Megan she's a very beautiful woman and y'all need to compliment the instead of bringing each other down it just makes no sense


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