Raja Bell On Golden State Warriors: "If Klay Comes Back And Is 85%-90%, NBA We Have A Problem."

Cover picture for the articleThe Golden State Warriors were a dynasty in the mid-2010s era of basketball, and their duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson revolutionized the sport, changing the way the game was played. In recent years though, Klay Thompson has had two serious injuries, first to his ACL in 2019,...

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MarkB 1181

One of the best shooters ever in NBA history. Beautiful textbook form. And one of the best two way guards ever as well. I'd say defensive wise is much of concern, but still I believe Klay's comeback will be strong 💯💯 #SplashBros

Larry Lynch

Understand this, as long as the Warriors keep winning and playing the way they are, I'm extending Klay's return to the court. This gives him extended to to get in shape and prepared for heavy play during their playoff run. He's not going to have any issues upon his return; just look at Durant!!!


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