Prince William Is "Deeply Frustrated" That 'The Crown' Will Cover Princess Diana's Panorama Interview

Cover picture for the articleThe Crown is currently filming its upcoming season, and it looks like the show will potentially cover Princess Diana's Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, which was obtained unethically. According to The Daily Mail, The Crown is set to dedicate "an entire episode" of the upcoming fifth season to the interview, in...

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Dawn White

I don't trust Harry n I don't think the Netflix is gonna be any more honest than him. he is making money by throwing his whole world as he knew it out the window. I couldn't do that unless I really hated my family n that will never happen

Marie D

Sad his brother doesn't feel the same way about it. Must no longer care how his dead mother is dragged through the dirt.

Ana Stephens

Netflix and the producers and writers of the Crown have tried to destroy Diana's reputation. I really loved the show before I realized how many lies there were in the Diana storyline. It makes me wonder if there's any legitimacy to the rest of the show. Shame on Harry for taking money from a company bent on destroying his mother's reputation. Thank you William for being a good son.


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