Stephen Curry finally hit circus shot he'd been wanting to try for years


We've already seen Stephen Curry hit a variety of seemingly impossible shots that it seems like a difficult task to find displays of skill he has not yet shown us than vice versa. Full-court heaves, wild three-pointers through contact, insane 40-foot pull-ups, high-arcing finger rolls... it feels like we'd seen it all.

That is, until we realized he hit a shot that we'd never seen before, doing so on Thursday night against the Memphis Grizzlies and laughing with glee, surprise or a combination of the two after it fell. When even Curry is shocked at his abilities, that's when you know a special moment is in the making. Steve Kerr, on the other hand, looked like he simply gave up on trying to coach smart basketball and couldn't really do anything but sit there with a grin.

That's one way to make the most of a two-for-one moment, isn't it? But even for Curry, pulling up on one leg for a spontaneous three-pointer seems a little ridiculous... but when you look a little deeper, it makes more sense as to why he reacted the way he did.

Thanks to apparent Steph superfan and Reddit user " nowhathappenedwas ," I became aware of an interview Curry had in 2018 where he spoke about Spanish guard Juan Carlos Navarro, one of his favorite players. Here's what he had to say:

“[Navarro] was one of my favorite Spanish national players,” Curry said ( via Hoops Hype ). “He did a move in the 2010 World Championship where he shot a three off of one leg, and I wanted to copy that move.”

That clip above may not have been the exact shot in question, based on the dates, but in any case... look familiar? Cross another ridiculous achievement off the Steph Curry bucket list.

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a family man, great role model, superb leader, let's just enjoy him while we can, CLASSY

Ellis Compton

I still feel his one of the most talented individuals in the nba


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