George Rooks: Cornfields and my youth

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Clermont Sun

Howdy folks—As I was riding the Senior Services bus to get the Covid booster shot, I was looking at the cornfields and thinking about when I was younger and at home. I was thinking about how we used a corn knife to cut and shock it. That was hard work but we didn’t know any different and enjoyed the work. I wrote before about my dad putting watermelon seed in the corn planter and when we were cutting the corn my brother would see a melon and start running to get it. Dad would holler at us and say get back here and keep cutting corn until we get up to it. Folks it was sure good.[caption id="attachment_84688" align="alignright" width="287"] George Rooks, The Ole Fisherman.[/caption]

I have a very important item. This one is about Steve Newman and his four year solo walk around the world. This coming April 1, 2022, we will re-create his homecoming. Folks are to meet at East Fork State Park to walk to Bethel’s Burke Park with Steve. Steve will be leading the way. There will be a shuttle service for the people that park their car at East Fork State Park and the Grant Career Center so mark your calendar now for next year on April 1, 2022. I walked the first time Steve came back. This will be something you don’t want to miss.

I talked to the Boar’s Head Bait Shop and the lady said they were catching lots of fish in the East Fork lake. They are catching crappie, bluegill and other kinds of fish. Also, the deer hunting has been good so there will be some excellent eating. Be sure to watch for the deer and don’t hit any with your car. I talked to Cedar Lake and they are having a tournament at this time with lots of fish being caught. At the time that I am writing this, the biggest one is a 34-pound shovel head catfish. Sherry’s Lake will be closing soon for the season. I will let you know when they plan to reopen for next year. There have been a lot of big fish caught at Sherry’s Lake this year.

I was eating lunch at Frisch’s on Sunday and a feller came over to me and said he was fishing at BJ’s Lake above Bethel. His wife was also fishing and catching nothing. He had a big pole and reel that he had just bought so he took it and put a big wad of food on the hook and then threw it out. He then laid it down and took his other pole and started to do some casting. In a little time, his wife was doing something else when he heard a big splash. He thought she had fallen in, but then he saw the other pole was missing. He started casting hoping to hook the line on the missing pole but had no luck. He was telling his buddies what happened so they said we will help you to try to hook the line but to no avail.

Next article will have what happened at the Grange convention reported by a couple of ladies from the Nicholsville Grange that went to represent our Grange.

Start your week by praying and praising the good Lord.

God bless all …

More later …

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