AOC threatens 'no' vote on infrastructure if Democrats don't provide social spending bill text

Fox News
Fox News
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY., said that she will vote against her party's infrastructure bill if it comes to a vote Thursday because Democrats have not provided enough details on what will be in the larger social spending bill. "I don't see how ethically I can vote to increase U.S....

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Robert Barnes
30d ago

Great! We don't want the bill. They call it infrastructure, but is a pork barrel for the politicians to gorge themselves on.

IIA Target Analyst
30d ago

That bill word for word needs to be made public. Why is it taxpayers have no say in politicians spend our $$ it's not U.S. Politics $

29d ago

Who gave this twisted Babylonian broad so much power? She’s had her 15 minutes, let’s hear from the other 434 members of the House for a change.


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