Meri Brown Cuddles Up to New Man in Florida: Take THIS, Kody!

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Cover picture for the articleAs previously reported, Meri Brown is on vacation in The Sunshine State. In brand new photos from her trip, however, the veteran Sister Wives cast member isn't beaming due to the lovely weather she's enjoying with friends down in Florida. Nope. She has a smile plastered across her face...

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Paula Sanders
30d ago

Meri I hope that you enjoy the new man in your life because you deserve to be happy after being mistreated and disrespected by Kody and the other sister wives for all this time

Sophia Lavdis
30d ago

You go girl! Kody played you, got you to divorce him so he could adopt Robyns kids, Bull! Kody is a piece of 💩 and you can do much much better!

30d ago

Wow. Kody is running out of wives. Meri and Christine are out for sure and Jenelle is living elsewhere. Looks like Kody will have to bring a new wife or two into the mix. Watch Robin when that happens.


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