Black and Latino students did worse in schools with ‘diversity officers’: study

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleI hope you’re sitting down, because otherwise the following news might send you to the fainting couch quicker than a Victorian lady who has just overheard someone say the word “knickers.” A new study says that putting a high-paid diversity bureaucrat on the school payroll may actually make things worse for...

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Fuck reparations

Actually , All kids will have a much greater chance to succeed if thier parents would be more active roll in thier own kids education and working with them at home instead of just letting kids do whatever they want regardless of what race they are. So before blaming others better check out and see how much help struggling kids get at home.

Joe Coffee

This is because of the soft bigotry and racism of low expectations. Students, and just people in general, tend to thrive when challenged and pushed, along with support. Just like water, people will often take the easy route when presented with that option. Stkmop lowering standards, and instead hold students to a standard and help them to grow!

RH Truth-Teller

the white Community cannot save the minority cultures they have to save themselves by the parents participating at the same levels as whites and their children have to wanting the education and willing to compete at the same standard level.


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