Sen. Bernie Sanders says 'the very fabric of American democracy is in danger' if progressive priorities are left out of Biden's social-spending bill

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Business Insider
 30 days ago
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday.
  • Sanders said progressive priorities in the "Build Back Better" plan were crucial to US democracy.
  • If they don't pass, "the very fabric of American democracy is in danger," he told reporters.
  • Democrats are still trying to come to an agreement over the social-spending bill.

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the progressive firebrand and chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said on Wednesday that American democracy would be imperiled if key progressive priorities were left out of the "Build Back Better" reconciliation bill, which is central to President Joe Biden's domestic agenda.

Sanders made the comments to a group of reporters at the Capitol as Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema met with White House officials in a nearby room. Following questions from reporters about the status of various provisions in the bill that are vulnerable to cuts , Sanders emphasized his stance on the issues.

"Let me just say a few words," Sanders said. "Sometimes, when we're inside the beltway, we lose track of reality and where the American people are.

"So let me repeat. The American people are very clear about what they want their government to do."

He then listed progressive priorities like lowering prescription-drug costs; expanding Medicare to cover vision, hearing and dental health; taxing the rich; and addressing the climate crisis.

"The challenge that we face in this really unusual moment in American history is whether we have the courage to stand with the American people and take on very powerful special interests," Sanders said. "And I'm going to do everything that I can support the president's agenda and make sure that we do just that."

Sanders then raised his voice.

"If we fail - in my view, if the American people do not believe that government can work for them and is dominated by powerful special interests, the very fabric of American democracy is in danger," he said. "People will no longer believe have faith that their government represents them. That's what this issue is about."

Democrats had hoped to pass both the Build Back Better bill and the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill this week before Biden traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday for the UN's COP26 climate-crisis conference, which appears unlikely.

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30d ago

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, the fabric of America is being ripped apart by excessive spending, career politicians that have done nothing for 20 to 30 years (both party lines BTW) a debt that my great, great, great grandchildren will be burdened with, and a government who has decided to attempt rewriting the constitution the founding fathers created.

30d ago

The fabric of America was never built on socialist ideals Bernie. You and your ilk are a danger to the fabric of America dumbass.

30d ago

🤣🤣😂A devout admitted socialist who never held a job in his life till he was 40 and has been mooching off the tax payer his entire miserable life is worried about democracy ? His entire life was used to destroy democracy …


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