Health and education elites forced to confess error

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleConfessions of error are rare enough in woke America that they should be strictly construed against the speaker. Two such confessions — the legal term is "admissions against interest" — suddenly appeared last week. The first confession came in an Oct. 20 letter from Principal Deputy Director of the...

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30d ago

“we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.” Source : Eric Ruben, FDA Advisor, "An FDA adviser said we need to give kids vaccines to fully understand their safety. Here’s the crucial context."Washington Post, 10/27/ 21... Those taking the vaccine are, literally lab rats and biden is turning them into slaves. They are the experimental subjects testing the psuedo vaccine, and from them we will learn what the long term effects are. Because they crumbled and complied so easily, they demonstrated a slave mentality. Biden is setting them up to do all the grunt work and to even die from that work, because they value the community over themselves. The biggest joke is biden's chinese virus primarily kills biden supporters, and now this psuedo vaccine is doing the same thing.

29d ago

According to Biden, the only terrorists are American citizens. Wait until the real terrorists attack us. He has allowed nearly 2 million in the country, They could not stop or vet them. Of course, Biden won’t take responsibility if it happens.

30d ago

Americans voted NO to progressives in the 2020 primaries. Why are they running the government now? Was Biden nominated by the DNC because of his dementia?


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