Self Proclaimed ‘Dumbass White Boy From Wisconsin’ Arrested For…

967 The Eagle
967 The Eagle
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Christopher Parker of Wisconsin, might be the most honest dumbass, I mean criminal we've ever featured. SG. Christopher was pulled over during a traffic stop, and he was carrying a handgun, a large stack of cash, and a whole lot of marijuana. This is where the story gets interesting...He tried to...

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30d ago

honesty only gets you less time amigo. you goin to the 'big house' Mr drug dealer. lol you'll get 10 years, be out in six.

cory latham
30d ago

$100,000 and it was just weed? I'd have taken that bribe, and his gun...

It's My Life
30d ago

At least he didn't try shooting the officer, try to drive away or cry police brutality. This is a situation the officers would rather deal with than thugs who think they can take control and then sue later.


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