This Michigan Restaurant Has The Best Soup In The Entire State

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Now that it is getting cold, a bowl of soup is perfect for warming up any day.

Of course, homemade soup is preferred, but if you're unable to make the time or don't want to make a mess in your kitchen, Eat This, Not That! curated a list of the best restaurant each state has to offer for a delicious bowl of soup.

As the report states, there is no denying that "soup is universally loved."

"According to 2017 research done by Campbell's Soup Co., the original trailblazers of canned soup, a staggering 95% of people either like or love soup. Out of this study, millennials came in first place as the largest group (64%) to declare themselves major soup fans."

So, where in Michigan can you find the best soup?

Ima in Detroit.

Here is what the report had to say about Ima:

"Sure, Ima has a ton of delicious dishes, but soup is the name of the game at this award-winning, Japanese-inspired Detroit eatery. Feast on one of their many mouth-watering noodle soups, which include options such as yaki udon, curry udon, lobster udon, and vegan pho.

Click here to find the best restaurant for soup in each state.

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Rob Mastroianni

I went there just as they were closing. They apologized and said they were closing. "No soup for you" is what they said.


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